We want Premier Baird to give his undertaking

We want Premier Baird to give his undertaking before election day that he will:


  1. Toss out the current Mining SEPP and replace with a policy that gives balance to environmental, social & economic considerations.


The current Liberal/NP Government in NSW moved away from this premise with changes to the Mining State Environmental Planning Policy, which now directs that the consent authority must give primary consideration to the economic value of the resource. So PAC has its hands tied and is told by the Govt the economic value of the resource  is all that counts!


  1. Announce an immediate Commission of Inquiry into regulatory capture of the planning agencies by the mining companies and NSW Minerals Council, with special consideration of the Bulga Project.


  1. Immediately suspend the current Warkworth and Mount Thorley DPE assessments of the PAC requirements and defer the PAC final decision until the above steps are taken by the Government and an outcome determined. 


No acceptable decision can be made based on assessment rules which unfairly favour one party against another and which cannot protect the environment. The assessment process must provide a balance between the Environment, Social and Economic considerations

Prepared by:

John Krey,

Bulga Milbrodale Progress Association

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