Wambo Mine Expansion. Submission: Stewart & Marie Mitchell


We object to the above modification. We live at Bulga where we are already
severely impacted by four coal mines. No further extension or modifications
to coal mines should be approved. The cumulative impacts of mining on the
villages of Jerrys Plains, Broke and Bulga are unacceptable. The proximity
to the Wollemi National Park is another reason why this modification should
not be approved. The impacts on underground water from these mines is
extensive with creeks in the region drying up and the Hunter River becoming
polluted. We are suffering sleep deprivation from noise and asthma-like
symptoms caused by unacceptably high pollutants in the air we are breathing.
Our water tanks contain black sludge and we are constantly cleaning black
sticky grime from our homes. The impacts of coal mining on our communities
is becoming a human rights issue.

We also object to the discounting of submissions opposing the modification
based on their residential address when no such discrimination is applied to
supporters of the project. This is clearly a biased approach in favour of
the mining company.
This modification must not be approved.

Stewart & Marie Mitchell
29 The Inlet Road
Bulga   NSW   2330

14 December, 2017 

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