Wallaby Scrub Road Vigil, 18th July, 11am

July 18th will be the anniversary of the ill-judged and outrageous “arrest” of local Aboriginal Elders Kevin Taggart and his sister Pat. They were sitting quietly at the roadside along with other protesters from “Friends of Wallaby Scrub Road” protesting to keep this Heritage-listed road, used by 1100 vehicles a day, open.


The local community protested at the corner of Wallaby Scrub and Putty road for almost three months and collected thousands of signatures in support.

To mark the anniversary we will be holding a day of memory and determination. We’ll have a big fire, hot soup, crusty bread and anything and everything contributed by attendees.

We invite you to be there from 11am on Tuesday July 18th. Come as you are or bring something to share


Judith Leslie

339 The Inlet Road

BULGA  NSW  2330

(02) 65 745 305

0439  745 306


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