BULGA to appeal Warkworth decision

The Bulga Community will appeal the PAC decision which approved the Warkworth Open Cut Mine

After six years battling to save the township of Bulga and the unique endangered ecology that surrounds it, the residents of Bulga and Milbrodale through their local progress association have decided to challenge the recent PAC decision which approved the expansion of the Warkworth Open Cut Mine.
We believe the PAC in arriving at its decision to approve the Warkworth Continuation Project has fallen into legal error. The laws that are designed to protect the environment have not been properly applied or have been misinterpreted by the PAC and so we are applying to the Courts to correctly apply the law and overturn this PAC decision on Warkworth.

Further details are provided in Bulga Bugle No. 3


The Community must act to save the Village and the environment

The Bulga community must act to ensure that the Warkworth Mine and the Minister are held ac-countable to the laws that protect the environment. We are particularly concerned about the way in which the Department and decision makers are applying current policies in-tended to protect the environment and communities from open cut mining. The community cannot allow to go unchallenged a decision which was not made in accordance with the law, and will destroy their village and destroy a world unique ecological community.


Rio Tinto’s Warkworth coal mine faces fresh legal challenge


writes Peter Hannam in his article in the Sydney Morning Herald (see http://www.smh.com.au/environment/rio-tintos-warkworth-coal-mine-faces-fresh-legal-challenge-20160229-gn6i47.html#ixzz41bUI1RY4 ).

Any hopes Rio Tinto might harbour for a quick sale of its Mt Thorley Warkworth coal mine in the Hunter Valley face a setback with residents launching a legal challenge against its lucrative expansion.

The Land and Environment Court will hear claims that the Planning and Assessment Commission (PAC) and the Office of Environment and Heritage had failed to correctly apply the biodiversity offsets policy.

The opponents will also argue that the mine extension places at risk the Warkworth Sands woodlands as well as allowing the mine to encroach too closely to nearby towns.

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