The Bulga Bugle 2


17 January, 2016, link to PDF document BulgaBugle2

Topics discussed in this issue:

Singleton Council

Saving Bulga was not a priority for Singleton Council
The case to defend Bulga was not sup-ported strongly by Singleton Council and by negotiating an early Voluntary Planning Agreement prior to the PAC decision, Council certainly undermined the case for Bulga and the environment.
The Voluntary Planning Agreement which they negotiated did not involve the people most impacted by an expansion, the residents of Bulga. Agreement was reached between Rio Tinto and Council to provide water and sewer, spending half the value of the $11,000,000 agreed under the VPA but without proper consultation with the residents. ‘Placemaking’ is not proper consultation when it comes to selecting projects and service for a VPA.

Water and Sewer no compensation

Why doesn’t the VPA clean roofs and tanks

VPA to finance other Council projects not impacted by Warkworth Expansion

Wallaby Scrub Road

The Underground Alternative

The future for Bulga

Future for the Hunter Valley

Breach of Bund Wall at Rio Tinto’s Warkworth Mine


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