Submissions to the Mount Thorley Warkworth VPA Committee

Submission to the Mount Thorley Warkworth VPA Committee for project funding to convert the BULGA STOCK RESERVE to a Woodland Park for community use

Bulga Stock Reserve on Putty Road at the end of The Inlet Road has an area of 3.6 hectares, overgrown by weeds. This area is Crown Land which was given to Singleton Council in 1998 as a Managed Trust for the recreation of the community of Bulga. Council have not done anything with this land but now that the community have the money from the Mount Thorley Warkworth VPA we are proposing that this land be cleaned up and made into a woodland park area.

The area is in prominent view on entering and leaving Bulga therefore it is important to the community to have this East side of Putty Road transformed into a usable and aesthetically pleasing landscape for recreational use with walking, cycle trails and picnic areas for locals and visitors. This will help promote tourism to the area and a sustainable future for Bulga, helping to make the community proud of their area.


PROJECT – Proposal for the community of BULGA to convert the Old School House at Bulga into a Museum and Arts and Crafts Centre
Submission to the MTW VPA for project funding

The Project needing support from the community is to restore the 1879 building to its former glory and open as a museum, art gallery and information centre; a not for profit organisation run by volunteers showing the colonial history and artefacts of the first settlers to the area, and the artefacts of the Wonnarua People of the area; also a place for artists and craft workers to display and sell their art.
The proposals for this building

1 To house various artefacts and memorabilia important to the local area and to run parts of the old schoolhouse as a museum.
2 The second use will be for arts and craft displays featuring local artists form our area to come and have workshops. The gallery can also display their art work for sale.
Money for this project would be coming from the Mount Thorley Warkworth VPA


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