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Last Thursday, February 7, 2019, we spent the whole day in an IPC public meeting listening to the submissions related to the proposed United Wambo Open Cut Coal Mine project ( see SSD 7142 for details).  A great majority of the presenters rejected this new open cut coal mine and provided very strong evidence for the rejection. We shall return and analyze this material once the Independent Planning Commission makes all the submissions public on their website.

However, one of the submissions stood apart from the rest and was so effective that we must publish it here right now. Wayne Riley, a local Bulga resident, created a video where he advocates that open cut coal mines are so damaging to the environment that they should  be closed  and  replaced by underground mine works.  Open cut coal mines inevitably create huge quantities of mineral dust and turn once verdant countryside into a desolate moonscape.

You can watch the video here

or on the YouTube

Well done Wayne!

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