Rumour: Shenhua wants money back

Very strong rumour Shenhua have met with NSW Government and requested their money back …Gov offered fraction of what was requested

 An interested Tweet from Tony Windsor. You can see the whole conversation on Tony’s page:


Guy Rundle in his “Open Ground” essay,
also reported other rumours going round in the Liverpool Plains. Some locals believe that the whole Shenhua Mine project is a Chinese plot to buy valuable Australian agricultural land.

The superfluity of the mine and the huge cost of simply getting it licensed breed various theories about the drive to build it. Over beers at Spring Ridge’s pub, the Royal Hotel, these theories are discussed: Shenhua Watermark is a power play by Shenhua against other parts of the Chinese government; Shenhua Watermark is a ploy to make farmers sell up, and Chinese agribusiness will buy up the farms; or Shenhua really thought they were in the Hunter, where all the open-cuts are, and no one can admit the screw-up.

The new Deputy Prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, is also going to have a difficult time to prove that he is on the side of the country people given his well-known support of the fossil fuel industry and his belief that climate change is a giant hoax (

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