Proposed guidelines will allow mining to withhold information

They are at it again …

THE NSW Department of Planning is proposing new guidelines to assess coal mines that will allow mining companies to withhold more information about the financial costs and benefits of mining projects from the public.”
” The draft guidelines could also controversially consider biodiversity offsets as benefits to the community after lobbying by the mining industry. Biodiversity offset land is bought to compensate for the destruction of areas to make way for mines. Reclassifying them as a benefit to the community rather than a cost will enhance the economic argument for a mine project.”

“Australia Institute economist Rod Campbell said the Department of Planning was developing its own rules, in consultation with the mining industry, to help mining companies get around serious economic assessment requirements and existing rules.”

‘‘There are now new guidelines which mean unorthodox economics are now endorsed and it is no longer necessary to meet the ‘expected’ orthodoxy,’’ Mr Campbell said.”

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