Filling Mount Thorley-Warkworth mine void too costly: Rio Tinto

 Filling hole too costly: Rio Tinto The mining industry calls it euphemistically  the final void. The rest of us see it for what it is – a giant hole in the scared landscape full of toxic water.
MINING giant Rio Tinto said it would be too costly to reduce the final void an expanded Mount Thorley-Warkworth mine would leave behind, despite criticisms from independent reviewers that the giant hole would be a sixth the size of Sydney’s Centennial Park.
It is all part of the strange economics of the coal mining that our governments approve. Digging coal and exporting the profits overseas is fine but restoring the countryside to its original state is “too costly”!
Amazingly they also claim:

‘Rio Tinto has told the government property values in Bulga won’t be affected by its Mount Thorley-Warkworth expansion, and it is only obliged to buy one property three kilometres north of the village under government rules for compulsory acquisitions.”

We can ask: HOW COULD THEY SAY THAT WHEN THE PROPERTY VALUES IN BULGA HAVE BEEN AFFECTED ALREADY?Obviously, this is another area of the government regulation that is failing  local residents. Once again, damaging the property values of  the mine neighbours is  also fine. It is an “externality” and not a part of the mining costs. No wonder that the coal is  considered “cheap”.…/filling-hole-too-costly-rio-…/

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