Dust Spreadsheets

This is just the first cut working prototype for the BMPA Coal dust monitoring web page. All data have been updated up to the end of October 2o19. We will need to explain what is the Upper Hunter Air Quality Monitoring Network all about, how we have processed the alarms and what is their significance from the health point of view. Here we are experimenting with the format of data presentation. Note that you can save the spreadsheets as PNG images and that you can also link and download our master sheets in the Google or Microsoft Office formats.

Dust alarm counts 2019

Fig. 1. Dust alarm counts 2019

Link to “Dust alarm counts 2019” spreadsheet


Dust alarms for 2014 to 2019

Fig. 2. Dust alarms for 2014 to 2019

Dust alarms 2014 to 2019

Link to Dust Alarms summary from 2014 to 2019

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