Bulga aerial

The Bulga Declaration

We, the undersigned, make this promise: we will not allow the Warkworth mine to destroy Saddle Ridge. Saddle Ridge harbours woodlands and wildlife that are vanishing from the Hunter Valley due to open cut coal mining. It is an ancient pathway and place of harmony, protection, and direction for Wonnarua people. It shields the village of Bulga from noise and dust rising from the super pits of Rio Tinto’s Mount Thorley-Warkworth mine. For the Wonnarua, the people of Bulga, and the wildlife, Saddle Ridge is home. It protects and guides them. Such things cannot be compensated for. They cannot be sold, or replaced.
The NSW government may have signed the death warrant for Saddle Ridge and the village of Bulga, but the people have not. The government and Rio Tinto are colluding against us, but we are united and we will not be subdued.
The highest courts in New South Wales have rejected the Warkworth mine expansion for the same reasons we reject it. By siding with Rio Tinto to subvert the people’s victory in court, the government has crossed a line. Now we are the ones that will uphold fairness, protect the ridge and restore faith in organised community.
We stand with the village of Bulga and the Wonnarua Traditional Custodians. We pledge to them that we will use all peaceful means to help them protect community and culture from the Warkworth coal mine.


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