2015 PAC 3 Background Documents – GOVERNMENT

The purpose of this page is to provide  links to all  the relevant PAC3 documents conveniently in one place. These are organised under a Category and Sub-category headings in a reverse order i.e. the most recent documents on the top.

Notice of Review and Public Hearing
Warkworth Continuation Project & Mt Thorley Continuation Project

The Hon. Robert Stokes MP, Minister for Planning  instructed the Planning Assessment   Commission for the Warkworth and  Mt Thorley Continuation Project to hold another ( already the third)  PAC meeting on  August 18, 2015. See the original document at https://www.savebulga.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/20150818-DPE_Request-To-PAC-For-Review.pdf

Speaker Registration and Making a Submission
All submissions made to the DP&E have been forwarded to the Commission for its consideration. If you made a submission and wish to speak at the hearing, please call Aaron Brown on 02 9383 2112 or email pac@pac.nsw.gov.au on or before 1:00pm, Thursday, 3 September 2015 to register to speak.
If you wish to make a written submission to the Commission, please send it to Clay Preshaw (see contact details below) by 5:00pm, Tuesday, 8 September 2015.  20150820_PAC3_Public-Email


Information obtained under GIPAA regarding discussions between mining companies and Dept of Planning regarding the proposed Integrated Mining Policy.

BAEconomics report for NSWMC re Integrated Mining Policy


BAEconomics report marked up

BAEconomics has been asked by the NSW Minerals Councll (NSW MCA) to comment on the Dra Guidelines for the assessment of mining and coal seam gas proposals published by the Department of Plannlng and Environment (the Department) .· ‘
The Draft Guidelines set out the requirements for project proponents to prepare a cost benefit analysis (CBA) for the ate of New South Wales (NSW),a separate Local Effects Analysis (LEA) that would focus on local or regionalImpacts, and an analysis of the impacts of the project on government finances.

Letters emails between Deloittes and Dept of Planning re contract

Local Effects Analysis discussion Delloites


20150707 Letter from DPE Marcus Ray to PAC Gordon Kirkby. Warkworth Continuation Project (SSD 6464)
Additional lnformation – Statutory considerations

QUOTE: “When balancing these matters against the other considerations for the project, and in the context of the Department’s assessment of the project as a whole, and now having taken the Draft Mining SEPP Amendment into account, the Department remains satisfied that the assessed benefits of the Warkworth Continuation Project outweigh its assessed impacts and costs, and that the project is in the public interest and should be approved, subject to the conditions which the Department has provided to the PAC previously.


20150630: PAC 2 Hearing July 2015
Contains DPE Assessment report and  recommendations, additional information from DPE to PAC


Background. This report has been prepared to consider the recommendations made in the Planning Assessment
Commission’s (PAC’s) review of the Warkworth Continuation Project (SSD-6464) (the project), together with additional information received from Warkworth Mining Limited (Warkworth) and the
Department of Planning & Environment’s (the Department’s) independent noise and economics experts since the PAC review.


 PAC 1 Hearing 18 December 2014
Contains links to the PAC referral documents and submissions made at the Public Hearing


20141217 Letter from  DPE Marcus Ray to PAC Paul Forward
20141217-DPE-PAC-Letter- OCR
QUOTE: “I refer to the meeting between the Planning Assessment Commission and the Department on 4 December 2014, where the PAC asked the Department to answer a question that has been raised in many submissions: why is Rio Tinto allowed to seek approval for a proposal that is very similar to the proposal that was refused by the Land and Environment Court in 2013.”


20141215 “Voluntary Land Acquisition and Mitigation Policy For State Significant Mining, Petroleum and Extractive Industry Developments” (as amended on December 15, 2014)
20141205. A collection of official notes recorded during that included NSW government officials, Rio Tinto management, various consultants and members of the PAC team.
These meetings took place on 5 December 2014, 9 December 2014,  9 December 2014, 5 February 2015, 11 February 2015. Representatives of the local community of Bulga, that would carry most of the  negative environmental, health and social  effects of the proposed mine expansion, were never invited.


Dept. of Planning Warkworth Continuation Project, Application, EIS, Submissions….
The master page for this project with links to previous planning approvals and all the documents associated current project
Including the Land & Environment Court and Court of Appeal judgements


Voluntary Land Acquisition and Mitigation Policy For State Significant Mining, Petroleum and Extractive Industry Developments


Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 No 203 http://huntervalleyprotectionalliance.com/BMPA/pdf/NSW_EnvironmentalPlanningAndAssessment_ACT1979_No203.pdf