2015 PAC 3 Background Documents – Environment

The purpose of this page is to provide  links to all  the relevant PAC3 documents conveniently in one place. These are organised under a Category and Subcategory  headings in a reverse order i.e. the most recent documents are on the top.

Notice of Review and Public Hearing
Warkworth Continuation Project & Mt Thorley Continuation Project

The Hon. Robert Stokes MP, Minister for Planning  instructed the Planning Assessment   Commission for the Warkworth and  Mt Thorley Continuation Project to hold another ( already the third)  PAC meeting on  August 18, 2015. See the original document at https://www.savebulga.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/20150818-DPE_Request-To-PAC-For-Review.pdf

Speaker Registration and Making a Submission
All submissions made to the DP&E have been forwarded to the Commission for its consideration. If you made a submission and wish to speak at the hearing, please call Aaron Brown on 02 9383 2112 or email pac@pac.nsw.gov.au on or before 1:00pm, Thursday, 3 September 2015 to register to speak.
If you wish to make a written submission to the Commission, please send it to Clay Preshaw (see contact details below) by 5:00pm, Tuesday, 8 September 2015.  20150820_PAC3_Public-Email



NOISE: Submission on behalf of Hunter and Central Rivers Alliance (HCRA) regarding the draft for consultation (not yet released) of the review of the NSW Industrial Noise Policy (INP)



 Key recommendations :
1. A separate subset of rules for rural environments including realistic assessment of background noise levels as opposed to a blanket “30”
2. LFN criterion of dbC-dbA be retained and implemented, OR
3. dbC background to be measured and as with dbA, Project Specific Noise Level (PSNL) dbC to be set at 5 above background.
4. PSNL not to be exceeded
5. Health effects of LFN to be clearly recognised and taken seriously
6. Impact of temperature inversions in the Hunter Valley be better represented and not used as an excuse to exceed PSNLs