2015 PAC 3 Background Documents – BULGA

The purpose of this page is to provide  links to all  the relevant PAC3 documents conveniently in one place. These are organised under a Category and Subcategory  headings in a reverse order i.e. the most recent documents are on the top.

Notice of Review and Public Hearing
Warkworth Continuation Project & Mt Thorley Continuation Project

The Hon. Robert Stokes MP, Minister for Planning  instructed the Planning Assessment   Commission for the Warkworth and  Mt Thorley Continuation Project to hold another ( already the third)  PAC meeting on  August 18, 2015. See the original document at https://www.savebulga.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/20150818-DPE_Request-To-PAC-For-Review.pdf

Speaker Registration and Making a Submission
All submissions made to the DP&E have been forwarded to the Commission for its consideration. If you made a submission and wish to speak at the hearing, please call Aaron Brown on 02 9383 2112 or email pac@pac.nsw.gov.au on or before 1:00pm, Thursday, 3 September 2015 to register to speak.
If you wish to make a written submission to the Commission, please send it to Clay Preshaw (see contact details below) by 5:00pm, Tuesday, 8 September 2015.  20150820_PAC3_Public-Email




SUBMISSION PAC 3: 20150908 Warkworth Continuation Project. Project Application number SSD6464 .

BMPA_PAC submission_20150902_draft


SUBMISSION PAC 2: 20150820 Warkworth Continuation Project. Project Application number SSD6464  PAC 2.

Copies of these  documents are currently stored on the DPE website.



MEDIA: “Deed of deceit”

MEDIA: 20150429 “Premier and Planning Minister confident they can ‘get the balance right’ on Hunter coal